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TAC4 Solutions® 9 Ground Rules

Tac4 9 Solutions Ground Rules

Transform your team into a solutions-oriented machine producing dramatic results without all the drama, using the proven Nine Ground Rules for Cohesive Team Behavior®.

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Examples From

9 Ground Rules

In Action

Ground Rule #1

The Problem

Adversarial relationships prevent solving problems

The Solution

No complaining at all until willing to take action.

What it Looks Like
  • The thing you are complaining about is the very problem that needs to be solved.
  • Valuable time and energy could be spent solving problems.
  • Every time you complain about someone or something, you cement the core cause of the problem instead of solving it.
  • Venting is complaining

Ground Rule #4

The Problem

Animosity exists between workers, management, and teams

The Solution

Stop talking behind backs

What it Looks Like
  • Go directly to the person to calmly resolve problems, without blame
  • If you find yourself complaining to someone about someone else, STOP and go to the right person
  • If someone comes to you triangulating about someone else, STOP them and direct them to the right person
  • Going directly to the person makes you aware of their true motives, instead of speculating on motives

Ground Rule #8

The Problem

Management has to deal with the same problems over and over

The Solution

Be clear with commitments, and always keep them

What it Looks Like
  • Be accountable for your own actions.
  • Respectfully challenge others on your team when their actions violate the ground rules.
  • Model how to improve.
  • Set the expectation that everyone does what they say.

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